Study Abroad

Erlangen and Lüneburg

Students of German have the wonderful opportunity to develop their German language skills and experience German culture by participating in either the Erlangen or Lüneburg program for Study Abroad, depending on their level of proficiency. There are long-term, short-term, and extended-term options for studying abroad in Germany. Our students who return all say that study abroad was a life-changing experience!

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History of Study Abroad in Germany

Kalamazoo College has had study abroad programs since 1958, and these programs have become a foundational part of the “K Plan.” From the beginning, faculty and administrators at the college recognized the transformative potential of study abroad and wanted it to be accessible to all K students.

“Certainly it is the responsibility of a liberal arts college to graduate men and women for whom at least one foreign language is not a graduation requirement met and forgotten, but a living medium of communication with other peoples.”

Dean Larry Barrett, 1957

Bonn, Germany was one of the original 3 study abroad sites (alongside Madrid, Spain, and Caen, France). Since then, Kalamazoo College students went to Münster, and Erlangen.

German faculty member Joe Fugate served as Director of Foreign Study 1975-1992.