SIP Symposium

Each spring we host a research symposium to highlight the work of our students. Below you can explore previous topics.

Symposium Highlights


Annarosa Whitman, “Sausages with Lion Mustard and Heinz Ketchup: The Navigation of a German-American Identity”

Matthew Flotemersch, “Mass Media, Distraction and Boredom: Opium for the Masses in the Modern Age “

Madison Campbell, “Reclaiming Stasi Objects: The Stories of Jürgen Fuchs, Ulrike Poppe and Mario Röllig”

Michael O’Sullivan, “Stewards of the Forest”

Sarah Gerendasy, “The Verses that defied the Nazis: Poetry from Concentration and Death Camps” 

Bruno Quirino Pereira, “Renewable Mobility in Germany: The Transformation of the Energy Economy and the Automobile Market”​


Bailey Smith, Controversy and Strife. The Development of West German Historiography from 1946-1986

Shelby Hopper, The Effect of Post-appeals on Facebook User Interactions in German Automotive Companies

Taylor Johnson, The Effectiveness of German Policies in Response to the European Refugee Crisis

William Tait, An Excavation at Walter Benjamin’s “Ausgraben und Erinnern”


Annie Nielsen, German-American Sister Cities: Historical and Organizational Trends

Brittany Trombino, A Closer Look at the German Forest-Kindergarten: The Preschool for Children with a Passion for Nature

Sapana Gupta, The Role of Women in Germany: An Analysis of the Sociological and Historical Development of the German Image of Woman

Annalise Robinson, The Integration of Migrant and Refugee Schoolchildren into the German and U.S. Education Systems with a Closer Examination of Transitional Classes