Major or Minor in German!

German Major: 8 units
German Minor: 6 units

Please talk to a faculty member for a helpful overview of major or minor requirements.


All incoming students who have previously studied German in high school or elsewhere must take the College's placement test in German.

Those students who wish to receive credit for German courses that they have taken at another college or university before enrolling at Kalamazoo College must take the German language placement test and test into a higher-level course than the one for which they are seeking credit. Any appeal of the placement test results should be directed to a faculty member in the Department of German Studies.


Students with scores of 425 or lower (and with fewer than three years of high school German) will be placed in GERM 101 or 102; 426–500 = GERM 102; 501–550 = GERM 102 or 201; 551–624 = GERM 201; 625 or higher = GERM 203, 204, or 301. If a SAT II score indicates a choice of two levels, a student should consult with the department chair or department representative for placement. A score of 700 or higher may qualify a student for more advanced courses.

Advanced Placement

For students with an advanced placement (AP) score of 4 or 5, credit toward the B.A. degree will be awarded automatically upon admission. Study must begin with GERM 203 or above to receive credit in German at Kalamazoo College. Students with AP scores of 3 may be granted the waiver of a prerequisite, but may not count an AP 3 for credit.

Requirements for the Major in German

Number of Units
Eight units are required, not including GERM 101,102, or 201 (the eight may include the SIP), plus one cognate course in German or European studies from the list below. No more than two of these units may be earned during study abroad.

Required Courses
GERM 203 Advanced German I: Germany Today
GERM 204 Advanced German II: German Stories and Histories
GERM 301 Introduction to German Cultural Studies: Reading Texts and Contexts
GERM 470 Contemporary German Culture
GERM 490 Senior Seminar

Also required: Passing a German language proficiency test, either the Goethe-Zertifikat B1, B2 or C1 (as recommended by the department). The exams are designed by the Goethe Institut and offered on campus during spring quarter.

Three courses above 201, two of which must be at the 400-level

German and European Studies Cognate
(One course required; does not count toward required 8 units)
ARTX 140, 145, 150 Introduction to History of Art I/II/III
HIST 101, 102 Introduction to Europe I/II
HIST 246 Germany and Central Europe in the 19th Century
HIST 247 History of Germany and Central Europe: 1890-Present
HIST 250 Revolution, Industry, Imperialism: Europe in the 19th Century
HIST 255 Contemporary Europe
HIST/RELG 263 Modern Jews in Enlightenment and Revolution
HIST/RELG 264 Modern Jewry: Upheaval and Response
MUSC 330 Western Music in the Classic and Romantic Eras
PHIL 207 18th Century Philosophy
PHIL 208 19th Century Philosophy
PHIL 307 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
POLS 210 Comparative Political Institutions: Social Europe
POLS 270 The European Union
POLS 330 The Politics of the Holocaust
THEA 270 The Theatre of Illusionism: Western Theatre from the Renaissance to Early Film

All of the 400-level German courses count toward the Cultures requirement (Europe) for graduation and toward the literature Area of Study requirement for graduation.

Students considering a major in German are urged to begin their study of German in their first year. German majors are encouraged to take courses in appropriate cognate areas such as history, political science, economics, art history, international and area studies, and international commerce, and are strongly urged to study abroad in a German-speaking country.

Requirements for the Minor in German

Number of Units
Six units are required, not including GERM 101 and 102.

Required Courses
GERM 201 Intermediate German
GERM 203 or 204 Advanced German I or II
GERM 301 Introduction to German Cultural Studies: Reading Texts and Contexts
GERM 470 Contemporary German Culture

Two 400-level German Studies courses above 201.